Belarusian MFA: Vatican Activities in Belarus Are Quite Constructive

On January, 30th, Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Uladzimir Makey met with Apostolic Nuncio in Belarus Claudio Gugerotti at MFA. According to the Ministry, the meeting was arranged by Belarusian party.

The Apostolic Nuncio expressed his concern about possible interpretations of recent insinuations concerning Catholic Church in Belarus.

He underlined the great work that Catholic Church is doing in Belarus on the whole and particularly in the field of prepairing local catholic priests.

Uladzimir Makey stated that Belarusian government is interested in Catholic priests of local origin and that the decrease in number of foreign priests and appointing three bishops of Belarusian origin is commendable.

The Minister also reported the President’s high esteem of Pope Francis’ struggle with the world poverty and promoting peace and stability in the world.

The Minister confirmed that the governments position on providing equality of all tradional confessions in the countty had not changed. According to him, Belarus had being been a home for peacuful coexistence of Catholic and Orthodox churches for centuries. Belarusian government totally supports peace and serenity in the country and highly esteem the support of religious concord in Belarussian society by the Holy See.

Vatican’s position in cooperation with Belarus is “quite constructive and well-balanced”, said Uladzimir Makey. Catholic Church plays an important role in cultivating patriotism and supporting the culture of the nation.

During the meeting the subject of creating the Catholic Theological Academy in Minsk, authorized by the President, had been discussed.

Uladzimir Makey stated that his ministry is ready to host all possible negotiations concerning these subjects by all interested parties in spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.

Several scheduled combined Belarusian-Vatican activities had been discussed as well.

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