Hrodnа Lutheran Church Will Be Painted Grey

GrodnaThanks to the help of local authorities and private benefactors the process of restauration of the Church of Saint John in Hrodna finally began in 2013. “The most important were drainage works. Today the foundation is already repaired, the walls are plastered, all stained-glass windows are replaced” – reported Uladzimir Tatarnikau, the pastor of the church.
He states, that the main spire must be also replaced and the building must be painted grey – its original colour. With the course of time the striking clock will be operating. “I wish we could renovate the interior as well. Now we are looking for money”, – mentioned the pastor in his interview to the “Perspektiva” newspaper.
Uladzimir Tatarnikau also told about his plans to support spiritual music which became possible agter the pipe organ had been obtained. “There is a plan to organize an international pipe organ music festival in summer. And some outlines have already been made. The festival will last for a week, two concerts a day – in the afternoon and in the evening. Different organists will come, there also will be duos with violin, flute and pipe”, – he mentioned.
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