Kondrusiewicz: World Lost Sense of Sin

чуванне16КандрусевічOn January, 15th a pastors meeting of Minsk and Mahilyow catholic archdiocese took place, during which the Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahilyouw Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz mentioned in his sermon that there is no place for Christian values in the modern world.

He stated that nothing can justify the murder of workers of the satirical magazine in Paris. “But we must as well admit that this publication published daily caricatures not only of Muhammad, but of Christ, the Church, the Pope and Christianity as well. Isn’t it a religious offence? In France again, numerous law suits were filed against people protesting against Nativity plays performed in front of churches. Isn’t it a persecution of Christianity in the name of falsely understood freedom and secularity of State?” – these questions asked the hierarch, according to catholic.by.

“The weakening of the Christian culture comes hand in hand with the vanishing of tolerancy. The dragon of secularity devours his children who have renounced the Christian culture. The time of retribution came for the grandchildren of the generation of the 1960’s. The tragedy of the modern world is that it has lost the sense of sin and the goal of the priest is to explain to believers that all of us are guilty and need a conversion through the sacrament of repentance” , stated Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz.

He appealed to the priests and the monks to put maximal effort to bring Gospel to the hearts of listeners and asked them to sacerdotium in order to cure people from spiritual leper.