Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz met Metropolitan Philaret and lead the Mass in St.Petersburg

TiFThe meeting of the Orthodox hierarch, Honorable Patriarchal Exarch of all Belarus Metropolitan Philaret, and the Catholic one – Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahilyouw Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz took place on January, 16th.
According to catholic.by, the hierarchs met in Minsk diocesan office and wished each other Merry Christmass.
On January, 17th during his visit in St.Petersburg Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz lead the Holy Mass at Saint Catherine of Alexandria Temple. Addressing the audience, the arch-priest reminded that once this shrine bear the name of Mother of all Catholic Churches of Russian Empire.
“This is very important to me, because my life and ministry are closely tied with the City on Neva, – said the hierarch. – Here I spent the years of my youth being a student of Leningrad Institute of Technology. Here I often came during my bishopry in Russia. It is then when my ties with St. Petersburg became stronger, because then I was not a student, but participated in the revival of Catholic Church in Russia with another bishops. Today I thank God for me being a part of that process, the restoration of this Temple of Saint Catherine being a symbol of it”.
The Metropolitan also mentioned that Leningrad took a significant part in the formation of his identity when, being forced to leave the department of physics and mathematics of Hrodna Institute of Pedagogy due to his religious convictions he entered Leningrad Institute of Technology.
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