Metropolitan Paul: Home Rule Topic is Removed from our Agenda (Video)

Павел-280x2171Metropolitan Paul, the Patriarchal Exarch of all Belarus, stated in his interview to the “Kontury” show on Belarusian ONT Chanel that the home rule topic of Belarusian Orthodox Church is removed from the agenda.

“I, being an Exarch, decided to remove this topic from our agenda, – the Metropolitan said.- Let us stop worrying, and discussing this topic, my friends, which will be out of question for a period of time”. According to the words of His Eminence, he doubts whether this topic will be brought back in agenda in the nearest20-25 years.  The Metropolitan explained his decision with a negative reaction of the press and Orthodox believers. “The suggestion of a Minsk diocesan meeting was met with public indignation at once, even despite the fact that the people didn’t know all the details”, – explained the Exarch.

He also mentioned, that the home rule did not mean a partition from Russian Orthodox Church and the Patriarch or an autocephaly.

His Eminence stated, that the statute of Belarusian Exarchate grants everything necessary for the salvation of the soul and he thinks that the home rule idea is a bit tendentious, taking into consideration the situation in Europe. “There is an impression, that somebody has planted this idea intentionally”, – supposed His Eminence.

The Metropolitan exemplified that the BOC home rule would have only slightly changed the titles of the hierarchs and made the decisions of the BOC Synod final. “These little details caused such a great uproar that had brought nothing but harm” – this conclusion made the head of BOC.

The video of the interview:

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