Belarusian Catholics are Outraged by Insinuations of Hulyaka: Collection of Signatures was Initiated (Photos)

Belarusian Catholics had been outraged by the insinuations, made on January, 22nd by the Religion and Nationality Commissioner Leanid Hulyaka. The believers began collecting signature under the open letter to the state authorities, stating that the critism made by the high-ranking officials without any proof insults the believers, their pastors and their religious feelings.

According to the petition, by insinuations of such kind Leanid Hulyaka brings discord in relations between the state and the Catholic Church and feeds the interconfessional hatred.

As KRYNITSA.INFO had reported, on January, 22nd Leanid Hulyaka stated that several Catholic priests are involved in Belarusian politics and that the leaders of the Catholic Church are not interested in education of its human resources. The official also criticized the Catholic Church for an unsuccessful (from his point of view) attempt of creating the Academy of Theology.