Seminar for Christian Journalists and Bloggers Took Place in Vitiebsk

An educational meeting for Christian journalists and bloggers took place in Vitiebsk.

Chief editor of KRYNITSA.INFO Anatol Shyrvel told the seminar participants about the importance and possibilities of common act of Christians of different confessions and denominations, reaction of believers to the challenges of Belarusian reality, Community of Christian Journalists and Bloggers activities, social demand for a Christian point of view.

Journalist and media consultant Paulyuk Bykousky told about the growing influence of Internet sites, peculiarities of informational activity of different churches on the Internet and techniques of writing for the Inyternet sites and portals. He also introduced the laws of social network functioning to the audience and told about bloggers’ and journalists’ online instruments.

A peculiar feature of the seminar was the participation of many men of  letters, among them poets and prosaics. One of the poets, Elena Ulasava read several works.

In conclusion the participants emphasized the necessity of continuation of holding such meetings in the future to study the methods of journalist and blogger work more thoroughly, to share the experience.

The seminar was organized by “Community of Christian Journalists and Bloggers” public initiative and KRYNITSA.INFO Internet portal.

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