Belarusian Priest was Decorated for Sacrifice and Love for Ukraine

The Patriarch of Kiev and all Russia and Ukraine Philaret (Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate) decorated members of public group “Podilska Sich” with medals “For Sacrifice and Love for Ukraine”, among the decorated – the head of the press service and the group’s chaplain Syarhey Horbik.

According to, Metropolitan of Khmelnitsk and Podolsk Anthony mentioned that the members of “Podolska Sich” were among the first, in March-April 2014, who began supporting Ukrainian border forces by supplying them with goods, chaplain service participating in border  guard squads, informational struggle with the aggressor.

Syarhey Horbik was born in Minsk in 1964. He participated in the national movement, wrote several works on the subject of Belarus and Belarusian Christianity. Now he resides in Ukraine and is a priest of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate.