Lukashenko is not Satisfied With Several Catholic Priests from Poland

Prsident of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated on the press-conference on January, 29th that there is no trouble with Catholics in the country. However, according to him, there are different people among the Catholic priests. “Among them are those who commit minor and major offences. If the necessity will arise, all the necessary data will be provided”, – said he, stating that Belarusian government tries to keep this information out of public discussion.

Besides the head of the state mentioned that he is not satisfied with activities of several priests from Poland. He had told about it (that some of them are involved in activities inappropriate to their position) to Pope Benedict XVI and Belarusian cardinal Kazimierz Świątek.

“There are no insoluble problems. But I always insisted on prepairing more Belarusian priests. And that disproportion still exists”, – underlined the President, promising to “to deal with Polish citizens who give sermons and work in the Catholic Church”.

As an example of cooperation between the state and the Catholic Church Alexander Lukashenko mentioned the planned counstruction of the Nuncio office in Minsk. “We will support them, because we want to preserve the interconfessional peace”, said he.