Catholic Bishop: I Hope the Government Will Financially Support Cathecists as Spreaders of Culture

On January, 27-29th an internatioanl forum was held in Rome for the representatives of the episcopates, daling with cathecisation subjects, among whom was Catholic Bishop of Pinsk Anthony Demjanenko.

In his interview to he has told about the challenges which this area of evangelization faces today and explained the necessity of a Catholic Academy of Theology.

The bishop supposes that the form will inspire to the process. According to him, the cathechisation exists in Belarus and it is well organized, as well as preparation of children before their first Holy Communion.

In Belarus, a special commission is organized at Catholic Bishops Conference, that develops cathechism curriculim for all school classes, from the first to the 11th. Also the textbooks for cathechisation in parishes are printed, approved by the episcopate.

There are 3 cathechism colleges in Belarus with 300 students studying at them. Nowadays, the quality of education is quite high and the professors have appropriate degrees of education, mentioned the bishop.

According to him, the cathechists might be easly attested by the government as teachers with with proper status and admission. The introduction of cathechism in schools will socially secure the cathechists, ecause they are spreading the culture, and Belarusian culture is built on Christian basis.  Anthony Demjanenko hopes that the state will financially support the cathechists and equal their status to the teachers. What concerns the development of cathechism curriculim, there is a special commission that designs it. Aming the members of the commission there is a person from the Board of Education.

Speaking about the idea of creating an Academy of Theology in Belarus the bishop mentioned that the Catholic Church and Belarusian society are at that level of development where theologists with a college education are required.

There are many universities of scientific and academic areas in the country, but we do not have Catholic colleges – to receive a degree, the Catholic student must go abroad at the final stage of his education and defend their thesis there. I am glad that this idea has occured, said the bishop.

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