Evangelist Baptist Christian Church Association Conference Took Place in Pinsk

On January, 24th, a regional presbyterian conference of Evangelist Baptist Christian Church Association took place in Pinsk. The ministers of all EBC churches, including the autonomous ones, had been invited.

According to krinica.org, despite the fact that the conference was not an elective one, EBC CA bishop Uladzimir Yarmalyuk made a report about the Association’s ministries. The minister asked everybody to work hard, especially in the field of evangelization.

The presbyter of Brest autonomous church Paval Tupchyk told about the ministry on the Christian radio. Young brothers and sisters presented the project of summer camps for non-believers. The EBC “Bethany” church presbyter Mikhal Kamarchuk from Kobryn told about the rehabilitation centre, where 13 people are getting rid of their alcohol addiction at the moment. Another participants also made several topical reports.

Uladzimir Yarmalyuk had announced the future activities. Thus, on January, 21st, a confernce dedicated to the help to the orphans is to be held at “Bethany” church in Kobryn. The conferences dedicated to the sororities’ work and work among the youth.

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