Memory Of Holocaust Victims Had Been Honoured in Belarusian Cities

A ceremony dedicated to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day took place on January, 27th in Brest. Members of Hebrew community, diplomats, public representatives gathered near the Brest ghetto memorial plate. The ceremony began with a minute of silence “in memory of victims of Holocaust and recent terrorist attacks”, underlined Regina Simanenka, the chairwoman of Brest city Hebrew public association “Brisk”.

A prayer for the dead was read by rabbi Haim Rabinovitz, whose relatives had died in Auschwitz. According to BelTA, in conclusion of the ceremony the participants laid flowers to the memorial sign.

“In Memoriam”, an evening dedicated to this date, organized by public organizations “City Hebrew Community” and “Hasdei David” was held in Vitiebsk. According to, a mini-play “A Suitcase of Memories” was performed by the “Shalom” Hebrew theatre, based on the story of the theatre’s director Mira Jaliashvili.

Also, a film by Boris Maftir “The Keepers of the Memory” was shown. The documentary film had been shot at the sites of mass killings of Hebrew population of Belarus. A peculiar interest was caused by the book and publications exhibition “The Memory is Alive…”.

All people attending honoured the memory of the Holocaust victims by kindling of the candles, Vitebsk rabbi Shishmon Daniel Isaacson said the prayer for the dead.

According to Radio Svoboda, more than twenty people came to the prayer for the dead near the memorial stone in Mahilyow. By the Hebrew tradition the laid small stones and kindled six candles in memory of six million Hebrews killed by Nazis during WWII.

“Antisemitism is a phenomenon of irrational character and irrational nature. It puts people to the test”, – mentioned the head of Mahilyow synagogue Simon Glasstein at the end of the memorial Kaddish.