Ambassador of Poland Demands Facts About Offending Priests From Hulyaka

Ambassador of Poland in Belarus Leszek Szerepka stated during the briefing in Homel that he does not have any information about law offenses commited by Catholic priests from Poland on Belarusian soil. “I would like to get the names of these priests from Mr. Hulyaka “.

The diplomat had also mentioned that in Poland, as well as in Belarus “Church is almost a separate State”. “We do not play any role in these activities, this is a task for the Vatican Nuncio and Belarusian Catholic Church”, – added the Ambassador, according to BelaPAN.

As KRYNICA.INFO had reported before, Leanid Hulyaka stated on January, 22nd that several priests from Poland are engaged in Belarusian politics and that Catholic Church is not interested in educating Belarusian priests.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated during the press-conference on January, 29th that he is not satisfied with work of several Polish priests.

Belarusian Catholics, being outraged with Leanid Hulyaka’s insinuations, began signature collection under the open letter to the government, stating that baseless critics made by a high-ranking government official insults the believers, their pastors and their religious feelings.

On January, 30th, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Uladzimir Makey met with Apostolic Nuncio in Belarus Claudio Gugerotti. According to MFA, the meeting was arranged by the Belarusian party.

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