Internet Journalism Tendencies Had Been Discussed At Seminar in Homel

The tendencies in medaisphere development, principles of Internet journalism and social network tools had been discussed at the Christian journalists and bloggers seminar in Homwl on January, 31st, led by Anatol Shirvel, the editor-in-chief of “KRYNICA” Internet portal.

One of the main tendencies of recent years is the growing importance of Internet sites as main news source. Nowadays, Internet is on the second place after the television and this fact should be taken into consideration by everybody who wants to inform the public about his/her activities. Besides, it must be understood that Internet sites have their specific rules of interacting with the audience, neglecting of those will bring the failure in  achieving the goal of the site. To teach these principles the Community of Christian Journalists and Bloggers organizes such educational meetings.

The participants of the seminar in Homel mentioned that such meetings should be made regular, thus promoting the professional level of editing and publishing the materials for the sites of churches, dioceses and religious associations and meeting the audience’s needs.

Anatol Shirvel also told about  activitiesof “Krynica” portal, which had recently moved tothe new domain, representig the histroical link betwwen the portal’s name and been once published Belarusian Christian newspaper “Krynica”.

Such meetings had been held before in Babruysk, Hrodna, Vitiebsk, Mahilyow and Minsk. The seminars in Baranavichi and Navapolatsk are planned as well.

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