Church for Cancer Victims will be Built in Minsk

A cross and a plot of land, on which Orthodox temple of Panagia Pantanassa icon will be built, have been consecrated. The temple will be situated near “Mikhalovo” subway station at Zheleznodrozhnaya str., 27/1.

According to, the public prayer and the consecration had been lead by the Joy of all who Sorrow Icon perish dean protopriest Ihar Karastelyou, the assistant bishop of the 2nd Minsk district.

A cross procession has been made around the future temple procession with a copy of Panagia Pantanassa icon.

Minsk municipal executive committee had alloted a plot of land for the church, the project had successfully underwent an expert examination. The author of the project is famous architect Mikalai Lukianchik, who had made projects for the St. Sophia of Slutsk church in Minsk, St. Nicholas church in Sokol village, Nativity church in Bolshoe Stiklevo and etc.

At the moment the Panagia Pantanassa icon community is temporarily settled at Grushevskaya str., 50. The parish was founded by people with a cancer diagnosis and health professionals.

In Belarus more than 42 thiusand people are suffering from oncological diseases. In 2012 in Minsk diocese a new Panagia Pantanassa icon parish was founded possessing a copy of the eponimous icon.

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