Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz Issued Appeal on Subject of Minsk Meeting on Ukraine

Catholic Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahilyow archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz issued an appeal on the subject of the “Normandy format” negotiations on armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine that took place on February, 11th in Minsk.

The Metropolitan expressed his concern with escalation of conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The combatants and civilians alike die in the conflict, the number of refugees grows every day, cities and settlements are being devastated, the economy is deteriorating, the social tension is growing.

According to, the Metropolitan stated: “The conflict can not be resolved by military actions, that bring the unforetold consequences and involve many countries of the world in it. The only way of its solution is dialogue, as it had been proven by Pope Francis”.

The new hope for diplomatical solution of this long conflict is connected with the meeting of the Presidents of Ukraine, Russia, France and the Chancellor of Germany on February, 11th in Minsk. “This day the Catholic Church celebrates the World Day of the Sick. The situation in Ukraine confirms the state of spiritual sickness, when the man does not want to live according to the Divine Law of love to the fellow mate and respecting his rights”, – stated the hierarch.

The Metropolitan calls the believers and the people of good will not to stay indifferent to “the tragedy in Ukraine and the lot of our Ukrainian brethren and sisters”, pray for the successful result of Minsk meeting, for “the long-expected peace at last been achieved by our siuthern neighbours, for the quickest cessation of the horrors of war”.