Religion Expert: Officials Must Treat Believers with Respect

The harsh insinuations, made by Leanid Hulyaka, the Commissioner on Religions and Nationalities of the Minister Council of Belarus, on January, 22nd, were quite unexepected, – supposes the expert in religions Viktar Adzinochanka, Ph.D.

“In the last years the relations between the state and religious organizations were retained in course of mutual respect, tolernce, interconfessional dialog. I do not think that the government shares this view on Catholic church. But these insinuations had been made and, of course, the believers had to reply somehow. The officials must teat with respects not only believers, but all Belarusians. The officials must be accurate with their words and the reaction of the people into consideration while making such statements. In this case, some elements of disrespect can be traced in these insinuations”, – mentioned he, according to

The expert explains that in early 1990s, when the restoration of Catholic Church in Belarus began, the priests from Poland came here, because there were not enough local Catholic priests. They had made a lot not only for the Catholics, but for all the local people as well. They were involved in charity. The Mother Theresa sorority in Homel made a lot to the most poor people and for the families with many children.

Viktar Adzinochanka stated that there cold be some faults in work of Polish priests in Belarus, but it should not had been discussed in such key as it had been made by Leanid Hulyaka:

“Such questions must be discussed routinely. If Hulyaka had reported to the bishop of these priests it would not create such a resonance and would not make an impression of baseless criticism of Catholic Church in Belarus”.

The doctor of philosophy mentioned that the officials and the society must get rid of the scheme “the Orthodox Church people are russian, the Catholic Church is some Polish institution” and thank the priests who came from Poland for their work in the circumstances much more difficult in comparison with Poland.

As KRYNICA.INFO had reported before, Leanid Hulyaka stated on January, 22nd that several priests from Poland are engaged in Belarusian politics and that Catholic Church is not interested in educating Belarusian priests.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated during the press-conference on January, 29th that he is not satisfied with work of several Polish priests.

Belarusian Catholics, being outraged with Leanid Hulyaka’s insinuations, began signature collection under the open letter to the government, stating that baseless critics made by a high-ranking government official insults the believers, their pastors and their religious feelings.

The Catholic bishops of Belarus has declared these accusations “baseless insults of Catholic Church and fomentation of interconfessional hatred”.

On January, 30th, Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Uladzimir Makey met with Apostolic Nuncio in Belarus Claudio Gugerotti at MFA. According to the Ministry, the meeting was arranged by Belarusian party.

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