Bishop Kashkevich: Fasting is More Intention to Evade Evil Than Physical Suffering

Catholic bishop of Hrodna Aliaksandr Kashkevich addressed the believers at the beginning of the Lent. “Lent is a special time of divine grace given to us for our souls to be reborn, our faith, hope and love to strengthen, our connection with Christ to be restored and His salvational influence to received by us. And today we hear the words of Jesus “The time has come, the kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!”” – says he.

To us the Lent must become the time of renewal, the time for us to overcome the temptation of indifference and reticence by sharing the God’s love with other people. In this endeavour the prayer, the fasting and the alms will help us, – notes the archpriest, according to

“The prayer is a sincere talk with God about the things really important to us. The prayer protects us from egotism and self-centrism, and also from the feeling of being unable to confront sufferings and misfortunes of our brothers. A true fasting is more an intention to evade evil, renounce sin and strengthen our will than a physical suffering. The alms is an effective cure from stinginess and egotism. We can help our fellow creatures who need our support. Even the smallest gesture of our solidarity to fellow creatures makes our heart more vulnerable, open and generous, makes it more similar to Christ sacrificing himself”, – reminded Aliaksandr Kashkevich.

“At the beginning of the 40 days way of fasting, repentance and suffering I ask everyone, – says the bishop, – to live thorugh this period of divine grace as fruitfully as possible. Remember Jesus who goes to the desert in the beginning of his public activity. Let the period of Lent be the time when we go to the desert – to calm our spirit, to think on pur lives, to hearken the inspiration sent by God. Let the Word of God be our food”.

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