Optional Orthodox Classes will be Opened For Belarusian School Students

The optional Orthodox classes will be opened for Belarusian school students. It is stated in the programme of cooperation between Ministry of education and Belarusian Orthodox Church for 2015-2020.

“Komsomol’skaya Pravda” states that according to the document, the optional courses of “Christian values and culture”, “Basics of Belarusian ethnography”, “Culture and religion”, “Basic religion studies” will be opened for school students. The 9-graders will study the “Basic culturology” course.

The attendance of the courses is voluntary.

As reported previously, the program of cooperation between Ministry of Education and Belarusian Othodox Church for 2015-2020 had been signed on February, 13th at Minsk diocesan office.

The program had been signed at the Coordinative council meeting, in which participated Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslaul Patriarchal Exarch of all Belarus Paul, Minister of education Mikhal Zhuraukow, commissioner for religion and nationalities Leanid Hulyaka, chairman of sinodal department of religion education and cathechisation of BOC bishop of Barysaw and Maryina Horka Benjamin, Minsk Academy of Theology rector archimandrite Sergy (Akimaw).