Kondrusiewicz: Debaltseve Is In Ashes

Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahilyow archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz served a Mass at the Lady Mary archcathedral on Ash Wednesday. According to him, we can see Ash Wednesday in the real life. “Recently the 70th anniversary of  liberation of Auschwitz has been commemorated. Millions of people were burnt there. Auschwitz became one of the largest ashes of the 20th century”, – said he.

The streets of New York on September, 11th of 2001 also became the ashes. “Today we can see such site of fire at Debaltseve, where despite the Minsk agreements, the slaughter continues. We are watching these deeds with terror and are asking God to protect humanity from such ashes”, stated the Metropolitan, according to catholic.by.

The hierarch mentioned that the rite of placing the ashes o the head helps us to understand the mutability of our lives and transformation of our sins into the ashes. The man was created from ashes by God and there he will return.

“The earlier we notice a crack in the wall of a house the less damage it will make and the less the repair will cost. Ths same is with a human soul. The earlier we notice a crack of sin and begin the repair the more effective, economic it will be and the lesser damage this crack will bring”, -explained the archpastor.