Apostolic Nuncio Visited Rositsa As Pilgrim

The Apostolic Nuncio in Belarus archbishop Claudio Gugerotti joined as a simple pilgrim the Catholic pilgrimage to Rositsa where on February, 21st another commemorating the martyr’s death of fathers Anthony Liashchevich and Yury Kashira.

According to catholic.by, numerous worshippers and monks of Vitiebsk diocese gathered at the site of martyrs’ death.

While greeting the pilgrims and local parishioners f. Claudio addressed f. Cheslav Kurechko MIC, the dean of Holy Trinity parish and caretaker of the site of the death of the blessed ones, pointing out that f. Cheslav is declared “Man of the Year 2014” and that he had seen his image on the billboard on the way to Rositsa.

“Dear priests, especially fathers Marians presented here, I came here as if incognito to be a simple pilgrim among you”, – said the apostolic nuncio. – Because pilgrimage is a very good form of equality; when we participate in a pilgrimage we are all equal. This is undoubtedly an occasion for me to greet all clerics who gathered here at this temple – when four years ago I visited the Pope he said: “Bring my blessing to Belarusian people”.

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