Minsk Theology Academy To Discuss Problems Of Bible Translation

On February, 20th a meeting of academic council of Minsk Theology Academy took place in Minsk, headed by the Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslaul Paul, the Patriarchal Exarch of all Belarus.

According to church.by, during the meeting the schedule of research work for 2015-2019 has been affirmed in three directions: “Problems of Bible translation: the history and modern trends” (bibleistics and theology department), “Writing of collective monography on the subject “Notes on the history of the Orthodox Church in Belarus in XVI-XX centuries””(Church history and practical subjects department), “Missionary field of Belarusian Orthodox Church” (apologetics department).

The council made a decision of opening the missionary courses for laypeople by Minsk Theology Academy, on the basis of which a missionary department will be later formed.

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