New Anti-Abortions Youth Program Started in Hrodna

An exhibition “Save Those Taken To Death” took place in Hrodna, organized by Hrodna Life and Family Preservation Centre “RadziMa”. In February 19-20th the exhibition will be held at I. Schastny Hrodna State Professional Electrotechnics college .

According to, at the opening ceremony Alexander Guk, the priest of Orthodox St. Martha Church read a course of lectures to the students, explaining why sexual life before and otside the marriage, abortion and cohabitation without responsibility is not only unwise but a sinful conduct from the worshippers’ point of view.

Priest Sergy Tsvirko also participated in the talk by telling the girls the stories of consequences of abortion from his priest experience.

An educational “Dialog” program started in Hrodna, developed for the youth by the cathechisation department of Hrodna Orthodox diocese. The program consists of several topical blocks, the of which, called “Love, marriage, family”, will be implemented through 4 meetings with priests.

The listeners will be told about the true sense of relations between man and woman. The high schools and colleges are welcomed to participate. Any proposed site can be used for the meeting.

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