St. Bartholomew Catholic Church In Vilnius Will Become Entirely Belarusian

On February, 27th the Catholic assistant bishop of Vilnius Arunas Poniskaitis met the representatives of Vilnius Belarusian public organizations. During the audience the bishop mentioned that St. Bartholomew church should become entirely Belarusian and that the liturgy shuld be given only in Belarusian.

Today the main goal is to find a priest suitable for this task. The bishop promised to do everything possible for that. According to, he also gave greetings and the words of support of the Vilnius Metropolitan Ginataras Grusas who entirely shares this point of view and who had alos promised to do everything possible for Belarusians of Vilnius archdiocese to have a possibility of a complete Belarusian spiritual life.

Arunas Poniskaitis said that he is fond of the Belarusian language which he is still not in full command of. The bishop promised to become more acquainted with Belarusian culture and language, made inquiries about Belarusian organiztions of Vilniusand their activities.