BCC Chairman: Freedom Of Religion Law Must Be Amended


The Law of “Freedom of religion” in Belarus must be amended, thinks Aleh Hulak, the chairman of Belarusian Helsinki Committee.

“Previously, we had put many efforts for this law being compiled differently, especially in 2002-2003, when it  was its development and adoption phases”, states he, according to forb.by.

The Belarusian Helsinki Committee chairman pointed out main faults of the Law of “Freedom of Religion” rfom his point of view.

According to him, the law brings the term of “historical confession”, but underlining the histrorical influence means drawing the line between confessions.

Second, the activity of non-registered organizations is prohibited and the very wireframe of the law is developed in such way that many organiztions simply can not be registered, says Aleh Hulak. But the law requires the registration for the thing already guaranteed by the Constitution: individual or group worshipping, – he notes.

He also adds that there exist elaborated restrictions of dissemination of ideas, invitation of foreign priests, publishing and distribution of foreign literature, and there are many other discrepancies in the law.

According to him, the Law “Of Freedom of Conscience” is very outdated and contradicts the international agreements.

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