Belarusian Bishops: Lack Of Food Is Not Only a “Third World” Problem


The greatest socio-economical problem of the modern world is the food problem, viz. the lack of access to the food. This is stated in the pastoral message of the Conference of Catholic bishops of Belarus, dedicated to the National Caritas Day that is celebrated on the 8th of March.

“Despite the fact that it seems to be the problem of the “third world”, the lack of access to the food concerns the European society including us. Paupers in the streets are an everyday site when we leave our homes to go to work or for a shopping. Children asking for a crust of bread are also common. And how many people are silently suffering in their families? How many lonely old people are suffering from poverty, living within the four walls?” – ask the bishops, according to

They reminded that the Church had been drawing public attention to the threats of unfair distribution of food resources. “The economical activity becomes insufficient without encouraging justice, solidarity and love to all people. The love of fellow men will help many countries to become merciful to the poorest ones”, – states the letter.

The bishops pointed out that the Church uses not only the teaching as a form of fighting misery and famine. Thus, in Belarus “Caritas” helps physically challenged children and orphans; helps lonely senior citizens, families in difficult financial situation; organizes cahrity events, founds asylums for the homeless; gives food to those who can not procure food themselves; distributes medicine for free via the social pharmacy; organizes recreation for children from families with many children. One of the main projects, conducted by “Caritas” of Minsk-Mahilyow diocese, is a rehabilitation centre for children oncological illnesses.

“Thoug we now that we will not manage to vanquish poverty and famine, we shall remember the words of Jesus: “For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; naked, and you clothed Me;”. The christian mercy teaches us that not only the result of the help matters but ability to be fellow to the man as well, helping him in that way that this gesture would not be felt as a humiliating alms but as an evidence of love to fellow men and of fraternal help”, – is stated in the pastoral letter.

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