Religion Expert: In Belarus Pseudophilosophical And Pseudopsychological Are The Most Dangerous


There is more than 300 new religious movements and sects in Belarus, but the the biggest threat comes not from the infamous sects from the crime reports but from the pseudophilosphical and pseudopsychological cults, oriental practices (meditation, yoga) that consist not only of Physical exercise but have a spiritual context as well. This is a thesis of a religion expert Maryna Kazmiruk.

According to her, the destructive elements may exist in orienal cults, being able bring people to suicide. First of all, it is a trance state, therein after some training people can enter voluntarily that can negatively influence their psyche, states Belarusian service of Vatican Radio.

“Any cult brings a physical, financial, psychological there. In most cases a person has to totally change its social surroundings which leads to the rupture of family relations. The change of surroundings guarantees that the person stays in this movement”, – stated Maryna Kazmiruk.

She pointed out that according to the statistics a person with a scientific education is more prone to the practicing of a pseudocult than a person with a classical education. The affiliation to a traditional religion and the knowledge can protect a person from entering a sect. “That is why a religious education is not unnecessary, but also philosophy should be taught, development of a critical thinking”, – mentioned the expert, adding that nobody is safe from entering a sect.

03.03.2015 Society|