Fewer Children Are Born Out Of Wedlock in Belarus


By the end of 2014 the number of children born out of wedlock reduced to 14,9%.

According to National Statistics Committee, the prestige of official marital relationship has significantly grown. According to belta.by, as a result, the number of children born in official marriage grew from 75,8% in 2005 to 85,1% in 2014 and the number of children born by unmarried women reduced from 24,2% to 14,9% in the same period.

In 2014 118,700 children was born in Belarus (90,500 in 2005), the birthrate being 12,5 per 1000. As in many other European countries, the trend of growing of the average age of entering the marriage is characteristic for the country (25,3 for women, 27,4 – for men).

For each 100 newborn girls there are 106-107 boys in Belarus, fro each 1000 men there are 1150 women.

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