Has Number Of Convertions To Islam Grew In Belarus?


A wave of publications has recently went through mass media, concerning Belarusians accepting Islam. As a result, KRYNICA.INFO tried to analyze who accepts Islam in Belarus. The data for the year 2014 from the islam.by site was used, where the information is published about people accepting Islam and entering marriage (nikah) in Muslim communities.

Also the data from Telegraf.by was used, where the similar research had been made for the period from the April of 2012 till the April of 2013.

Thus, if the the previous research registered 30 cases of accepting Islam or entering the Muslim marriage in Belarus, the research for 2014 registered 42 cases which is almost 1,5 times more. Among those who had chosen Islam there are 88% represented by women (37 women counter 5 men). Average age is 28,5 years (was – 29,2).


In 2014, as before, the registries concerned mainly the largest Belarusian cities – Minsk (31 registry) and Homel (10) (in 2012-2013 – 19 and 11 respectively). Also, one registry was of a marriage in Kletsk (previous research hadn’t found any registries from small cities and towns). Thus, the tendency remains of accepting Islam in large Belarusian cities.


Of 42 analyzed registries 16 of them concern accepting Islam and 26 concern marriage of Belarusian women with Muslims (16 and 14 respectively in previous research). Seven girls accepted Islam at the nikah day or during the following year, four girls were Muslims before. Their husbands are citizens of Arabian countries (Algeria, Bahrain, Jordan, Yemen, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria), Central Asia (Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan), Sri Lanka, and an Avarian and an Uygurian from Russia.


The countires citizens of which Belarusian women married more often are marked with a deeper shade

Of all marriages only one was registered between Muslims who were not citizens of Belarus. In this analysis it is not counted. Another two marriages were registered between citizens of Arabian countries and citizens of Ukraine and Jordan with Slavic surnames. One marraige wsa registered between Belarusians who accepted Islam in 2014.


Marriages in the Belarusuan cities

Average age of women merrying Muslims is 27,4 years (was 23,6). The youngest was 18, the oldest – 45. 8 marriages were registered in Homel, one in Kletsk and 17 in Minsk.

Without a marriage motive 2 people accepted Islam in Homel and 14 in Minsk., five of them were men (average age 28,4 years) and 11 women (27,8 years). Among them are people with Muslim roots. The oldest woman who accepted Islam was 43, the youngest – 9. The age of men is from 23 to 55. Previous research registered 12 women and 4 men. Their avg. age was 33.5 years (30,7 for women, 38,9 for men).

The analyzed data does not fully represent the situation of accepting Islam in Belarus because islam.by represensts only Sunnites and not all communities. By the way, not all Belarusian accept Islam in Belarus. Nevertheless, the figures given by the site help to see the existing trend.

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