Ministry Of Health: Family Values Should Be Taught To Adolscents


The main obstetrician-gynecologist of Ministry of Health Svyatlana Saroka stated that family values must be propagated more among the adolescents more actively.

According to her, teenagers need special family values promoting programmes. Young minds should be taught that the first sexual contant should be conscious and take place at an older age. Chastity is a guarantee of health, said Cvyatlana Saroka according to BelTA.

The acting centres of friendly attitude towards adolescents help girls to form a positive atitude towards being a mother, boys – towards being a father. According to experts, it is very important to teach teenagers the priority of family values as soon as possible.

There are about 50 of such centres in Belarus. Most actively they are opening in Minsk region, at the same time only 2 such centres work in Hrodna region, which is insufficient, pointed Svyatlana Saroka.

At these centres boys and girls can get an answer to any question – from contraception to STDs treatment. The consultation is given by obstetrician-gynecologists, urologists, psychotherapists.

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