Invitation For Pope To Visit Belarus Will Be Given To Cardinal Parolin

паралінThe Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahilyow archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz mentioned that the visit of the State Secretary of Pope Francis, cardinal Pietro Parolin to Belarus is a sign of Vatican’s respect and of high esteem of the Church in Belarus.

“We want to address cardinal Pietro Parolin to sk him to give the Pope our request, on behalf not only the bishops but the believers as well, for him to visit Belarus”, – said he.

Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz expresses the hope that the cardinal’s visit “will promote the solving the dispute on granting the land for the previously registered John Paul II Minsk Academy of Theology – the Catholic institute of higher education in Belarus”, – reports

The archbishop pointed out that this visit will promote the firther developmwnt of Catholic Church, its relations with the state and oecumenical relations as well, especially with Orthodox Church.

The Metropolitan stated that the state had granted the palce for construction of the nunciature and the cardinal will consecrate its first stone. “We hope that the Apostolic nunciature will be built as soon as possible and that there will be a real mission of Holy See in Belarus”, – said he.

The Conference of Catholic bishops of Belarus calls all priests, monks, nuns and believers to participate in the liturgies involving Vatican Secretary of Dtate Pietro Parolin and to pray for the success of this visit. A special address has been made to the youth and children to have time and willingness to meet and pary with the cardinal.

“You are the future of our Country and Church. It will be bright and full joy if you build it on the basis of Christian values. Let the meeting with the messenger of Pope Francis and joint prayer be the time of gladness to all of you during the Lent and of all your life as well”, – states the Conference of Catholic bishops of Belarus.

As KRYNICA.INFO had previously reported, the Secretary of state is going to meet the President of Belarus, the Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslaul Paul, the Patriarchal Exarch of all Belarus, the members of the Conference of Catholic bishops of Belarus, Catholic youth and other worshippers, will consecrate the first stone of the new Apostolic nunciature in Minsk.

The Lenten interdiocesan Vigil of the youth will start at 8 p.m at the St. Simeon and Helen church in Minsk. On March, 15th at 10 a.m. Pietro Parolin will head the Mass for children at Minsk interdiocesan cathedral.