Norwegian Politician: Politics Is How We Organise Society According To Our Faith


Norwegian politician and Lutheran believer Olav Eggebø Aanonsen, the secretary of Christian Democratic Party (KrF) in the Rogaland province shared his views on the compatibility of faith and politics with KRYNICA.INFO.

“Faith is a relationship between you and God and politics is how we organise society according to our faith. When was chosing a political party it was important to me that participation in KrF differs from participation in other parties. Working at KrF means active support of Biblical values”, – he stated.

“In our society peopole are more and more unaware of faith and religion. Usually they are anxious of being active at our party because they think it takes a lot. Christian politicians are absolutely necessary. They really understand the value of human life, the importance of volunteering and charity and thus can take responsibility for the situation in society”, – added Olav Eggebø Aanonsen.

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