Pro-Life Rally Took Place In Brest


The youth public association “Life and Family Values Defense” for the 5th time on March, the 8th organised in Brest  a rally under a  motto “It is blessing to hear MOMMY!”. The aim of the rally was to draw public attention to the protection of children since the moment of their conception and to encourage citizen’s civil responsibility.

According to “Virtual Brest”, the rally started from the “Asstor” store in Masherava blvd. and proceeded through the streets to the “Korona” supermarket with such slogans as “Gift a life!”, “Save the child!”, “Pro-Life!”, “STOP abortions!”.

There the award ceremonies of the “Cradle for a Baby” contest , the aim of which was to popularise the usage of child safety seats, and the “Safe roads of childhood” contest took place. The event was concluded with launching the white balloons into the air.