“Caritas” in Belarus: Extension Of Help Is Planned


According to the tradition, Catholis celebrate the 3rd Sunday of the Lent as a “Caritas” Sunday. Father Viktar Haydukievich SDB, the director of “Caritas” Catholic charity organisation tells about the everyday activity of his organisation.

“Caritas” in Belarus was active for a long time, struggling against poverty and famine, – tells f. Viktar. – In 2015 we plan to broaden the spectrum of the help provided by us by establishing more long-term projects, helping all people in need at all “Caritas” diocesan units: by creating asylums for the homeless, by providing humanitarian aid to families with many children, by giving out food and warm clothes to the poorest ones. Also summer recreation camps are organised for children from the families with weak financial background. According to catholic.by, there may be even more actions planned by “Caritas” in Belarus for 2015.

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