MFA: Vatican’s Approach Towards Many Social Problems Is Approved By Belarusians


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Uladzimir Makey mentioned at his meting with the Secretatry of State of Vatican cardinal Pietro Parolin that Belarus values Vatican’s unbiased attitude towards our country. According to him, the visit of the cardinal is a proof of good prospects of cooperation between Vatican and Belarus.

“Vatican is our special partner in international relations and Vatican’s approach towards solving modern social problems is approved by Belarusian people”, – said Mr. Makey according to

According to the minister, Minsk appreciates the fact that Vatican was always in favour of establishing contact with Belarus. “We estimate your visit as a significant event and hope that it will promote the development of our relations in future”, – stated the head of MFA.

In turn cardinal Pietro Parolin brought the Catholics, the religious communities, the state authorities and Belarusian people the Pope’s greetings and expressed his confidence that relations between Belarus and Vatican shall actively develop. “My visit serves as a step in the course of developing relations with all players on the diplomatical field, chosen by the Holy See. For us diplomacy is, essentially, a dialog”, – said he according to

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