Cardinal Parolin: Belarusian Catholics Deserve Pope’s Visit


Answering the numerous question about possibility of Pope’s visit to Belarus, the secretary of state of Vatican cardinal Pietro Parolin expressed his hope that all conditions will be formed in Belarus for the Pope answering the wish of the religious community and accepting the government’s invitation.

According to, the Vatican secretary of state reminded that not only Catholics but Belarusian authorities want to see the Pope in Belarus: “This invitation and a wish to see Pope Francis on Belarusian soil was a recurring element of all my meetings at the government agenices. What concerns the possible date of such visit, it can be determined later”.

“I think that the wish to see the Pope in Belarus deserves a satisfaction, taking into account the sufferings of the Belarusian Catholic community in the past and its contribution to renovation abd development of religious life in Belarus”, – said cardinal Parolin.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin also mentioned that Belarus can be an example of coexistence of different cultural traditions.