Cardinal Parolin: Pope Appreciates Role Of Catholics In Development Of Belarusian Nation


At the state reception, dedicated to the 2nd anniversary of Pope Francis’ election and to the visit of the secretary of state of Vatican cardinal Pietro Parolin, that took place on the 13th of March in Minsk, archbishop Claudio Gugerotti mentioned that the Catholic Church in Belarus fully assists the peace dialog.

The Catholic Church is present in this region for a long time and is considered an integral part of local society and wants to continue assisting the happiness of every Belarusian in particular and Belarusian nation on the whole, said the Apostolic nuncio in Belarus according to

Addressing Pietro Parolin he thanked the cardinal for his “willingness to be the pilgrim of love on this earth soaked with blood during the centuries but willing to acquire peace which begins with respect to everyone’s dignity”.

Addressing the gathering, the Pope’s secreatry of state said that he is glad to be the guest in Belarusian soil and gave The Holy Father’s greetings and blessing.

Talking about the future Apostolic Nunciature cornerstone’s conscration the hierarch said: “By building a house we express our willingness to stay on this soil, among this people”. According to him, the Holy See would like to express its friendliness towards Belarusian people, its sympathy in the history of this land full of valour and faith, solidarity in the sorrows of the past and its support in hte hope for a peaceful and bright future, especially for the youth.

As the cardinal mentioned, the Holy See will continue assisting in promotion of respect and guarantee of dignity, freedom and true rights of every person in particular and all nation on the whole in the country and abroad.

He added that the Catholic Church “made and will make not only a theoretical but a practical contribution by providing a ministry to these people and helping it building a bright future”. “The Pope expresses his great gratitude towards the Catholic community for its role in the history, in moral and civil development of Belarusian nation”, – said the cardinal.

The secretary of state mentioned that “the suffering of Ukrainian people historically connected with Belarusian people is a vivid reminder of fears of war and that reducing the peace only to the balance of material interests can bring the cruel and inhuman violence”.

The Holy See highly estimates the efforts of Belarusian authorities to put an end to that conflict, to prevent even more tragical consequences, – stated the cardinal.

The hierarch expressed his hope that “world willing to accept the cultural, moral and spiritual heritage will support its assured efforts to protect the dignity of every person and the nation on the whole”.

Belarusian prime minister Andrey Kabyakow mentioned that the productive activity of the Holy See aimed at spreading the Christian ideals of humanity, justice and mercy all over the world is the best example of self-sacrificing service to humanity.

The Church’s spiritual mission of preserving the universal values are highly estimated in Belarus and Belarusian party is grateful to His Holiness for his personal concern in developing the international relations and for the good attitude towards indepenent Belarusain state, said the prime minister.

According to him, the attiude of the Holy See towards solution of such topical problems as social injustice, poverty and slavery is also supported by Belarusian people.

Vatican is a Belarus’ reliable partner in by- and multilateral international relations, – stated Andrey Kabyakow.

The prime minister expressed his hope to broaden the cooperation between Belarus and the Holy See in all spheres and sent to Pope Francis wishes of good health and further success in his responsible apostolic mission.

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