Vatican’s Secretary Of State Approved Belarusian Poetry


During the youth vigil at St. Simeon and Helen church from the 14th to the 15th of March the secretary of state of Vatican was greeted by loud applauds and slogans “Belarus awaits the Pope”. Besides, about 1000 young people registered to the nihght vigil.

The secretary of state became pleased by the visit: “The Church in Belarus is alive. It is flourishing after the grim days of persecution. I was pleased to hear about the project of a spiritual academy for Catholic clergy. But it is understandable that the laypeople deserve education as well. It must be conducted in two directions: the strengthening of your faith and the act of faith in all directions. And the faithful laypeople can do it the best way. That is why the Church needs to educate and upbring the believers worldwide. I am very glad that this willingness to learn grows among you”.

Before the visit the cardinal has studied Belarusian culture and nature. Pitro Parolin remembered Ryhor Baradulin the last farewell to whom was said in that church. The Pope’s messenger told about the beatiful lines of Baradulin’s poems telling about a crucified man. At the time of Lent this theme is important to the believers. Pietro Parolin called everybody to pray for consolation. But at the same time, the believers usually feel better in grief than in consolation: “You know why? Because in grief we feel us heroes, the acting persons. And in consoation the main acting part is of the Holy Spirit’s. He gives us fortitude. He brings us to the source of consolation. And this is the conversion”.

The youth had a possibility to ask the messenger of the Pope. And the first question asked was “When will the Pope come?”. Unfortunately, even Pietro Parolin could not naswer it, which made the youth sad. Buthe assured young people during his visit to Belarus he wanted to see the Pope here: “Besides of me, Belarusian government also wants to see him. And today you, the youth, express your wish to see him. I think that the Pope will not be able to resist the plead of the youth”.

Pietro Parolin addressed the youth a lot. He asked young people not to think derogatorily of anybody. The youth often faces a choice: choose God or a career and personal success? The secretary of state of Vatican called this choice the temptation of modern days. The future of a person and the country depends on this choice. Pietro Parolin proposed such way of making a decision: “If you have a temptation to left God for a success – go to the wild, to your forests and fields, look at your lakes – the spirit of God is palpable in them. And you will realize what is temporal and what is eternal.”

The secretary of state of Vatican is sure that Christians today must be firm in their faith. Even if they are notunderstood, God loves everybody and the strength that He gives his children will help them to endure everything. In the end Pietro Parolin asked everybody to say a prayer, propsing to use a Ryhor Baradulin’s poem as the words for it.

Viktorya Chapleva, photos by Nadzieja Hacak