Politologist: In The Near Future The Pope’s Visit Is Hardly Possible


Despite the Belarusian Catholic community being quite large it has not yet been visited by the Pope, though countries with smaller Catholic communities are visited by Pontifics. Belarusian politologist Valery Karbalevich supposes that it is caused by the conflict between Catholic Church and Russiam Orthodox Church.

“The Russian Patriarch considers Belarus as an Orthodox territory. Without patriarch Cyrill’s concession such visit can not happen. Vatican and Belarusian government do not want a conflict with ROC alike”, – stated he acccording to BelSAT.

The Ukrainian crisis has alos hindered relarions between Catholic Church and ROC, supposes the politologist. “That is why I can hardly imagine the leadership of ROC giving such permission. The conflict is quite bitter and lasts for decades and I can not yet see its conclusion. That is why the possibilty of a Pope’s visit in the near future is quite weak”, – stated Valery Karbalevich.

At the same time he thinks it is quite possible that the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko will possibly visit Vatican which at the same time could be difficult due to his restricted access to the EU countries.

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