Parolin About Belarusians: People With Strong, Profound Faith


The Secretary of State of His Holiness the Pope, cardinal Pietro Parolin summed up the results of his visit during the interview with Catholic media on the 15th of March.

“First of all, I will bring to Rome the image of my meetings with Christian community which impressed me very much”, – said he, according to – “I will bring with me an image of the people with a strong deep faith”.

According to him, the visit was very wholesome to him, because by meeting somebody we do not only give something but receive as well, that is why he thinks that he has received more than he has given.

“I think that your country is wonderful! Most of all I was astonished by the local nature, it is very clean, and these forests and lakes! By entering such reality one may find God and receive help by reasoning about fundamental values of life”, – said the cardinal.

He told that he was astonished by the perseverance of the people who suffered a lot but managed to bear the painful moments of its history with dignity.

At the Apostolic nunciature he met several witnesses of the war period, of the Nazi occupation and the following period of Communism and difficulties in the spiritual life connected with it.

According to him, while facing this examples one plunges into silence full of admiration and gratitude to God for them. He thinks that these sufferings will bring many fruits, because as St. Theresa syas “with perseverance you can achive everything”. Through suffering we can achieve everyhing we are looking for.

Talking about the youth and governmental policies in job placement he mebtioned that he was told that it is one of the governments primary objectives to guarantee jobs to all population and that the unemployment rate here is very low. In his opinion it is a very good sign, especially in the scope of global and European panorama where unemployment becomes on of major problems, especially among the youth. “In that perspective I dare to say that Belarus may become an example of setting priorities”, – said Pietro Parolin. “I think I can wish to the state that the job placement continued to be its central concern”, – he added.