Parolin Does Not See Immediate Necessity In Creation Of New Dioceses In Belarus


The Secretary of State of His Holiness the Pope, cardinal Pietro Parolin summed up the results of his visit during the interview with Catholic media on the 15th of March and expressed his opinion on the necessity and possibility of creation of new dioceses in Belarus.

Answering the question what are the conditions of creation of new dioceses in Minsk he said that in this situation the same conditions apply as in the other parts of the world. That means that the territorial unit has to have  structures, staff and to be financially independent from the diocese from whic it will be separated. These conditions are applied in the whole world. They should be applied in Belarus as well. Today the nunciature and episcopate supervises that process and gradually a decision may arise to create new dioceses, said Pietro Parolin according to

He does not think that there is an immediate necessity of new dioceses. “I saw that there are dioceses in Belarus that cover the area of several regions. Formerly they existed, e.g. the Mahilyow diocese. I think there is not an immediate necessity in this now. But of course the process develops in this direction. The Holy See will observe the process and will make a decision”, – added the cardinal.

According to him, the Apostolic nuncio told him that the appointment of three new bishops is also a step in that direction. The final decision will be made when all conditions will meet, pointed out the secretary of state.

The cardinal also assured that he will give to the Pope the insistant request of Belarusian believers and Belarusian government to visit their country.

“Let us hope the conditions will soon arise for the Pope’s visit. I would like to you to continue praying, and I will make all efforts to convey to him this wish as accurate as possible”, – he continued.

In conclusion the secretary of state said: “I would like to send Belarusian priests a cordial and fraternal greeting and tell them that we are near, that we support and accompany them in their ministry that is often difficult due to the certain circumstances”.

The cardinal wants priests to know that the Pope always keeps them in his heart and encourages them to be loyal and joyful, to be the priests able to spread the Gospel also with their joy and gratitude to God who called them. “I want them to know that we support them in all hardships, pray for them and ask them to pray”, – said he.

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