Parolin: The Holy See Supports And Protects Local Catholic Communities


The Secretary of State of His Holiness the Pope, cardinal Pietro Parolin summed up the results of his visit during the interview with Catholic media on the 15th of March and told about the views of the Holy See on oecumenism and contacts with Moscow Patriarchate.

According to, while talking about oecumenism, the secretary of state told from his point of view the Catholic Church understands the meaning of the term “oecumenism” very clearly – it corresponds with the wish expressed by Jesus at Last Supper: “That all of them may be one”.

Thus, it is all about the search for Chrsitian unity, about all initiatives, projects and activity at different levels that will bring to such unity. According to him the Catholic Church  is on this way since the Second Vatican Council.

The Church knows this way is hard, that there are many difficulties that has already partially revealed, but it continues acting very clearly at this level. It is about doing  everything possible, according to God’s will, to reach the visible unity, says the cardinal.

According to him, today the necessity of search for unity becomes an obligation, it has grown and it is enforced by the necessity of common testimony of Gospel.

“If we will not be united our testimony will have less influence in society and the modern world”, – he told.

Concerning the opinion that the Holy See pays great attention to the retaining of good relations with Moscow Patriarchate, sometimes sacrificing local Catholic communities in countries with Orthodox majority, the cardinal pointed out that it is absolutely wrong.

The Holy See protects and supports local Catholic communities, they are the parts of the unite Church. The mission of the Holy See is to strengthen local communities, to help them, – says he.

Thus, there is a search for balance which is sometimes difficult because it is not always easy to tread in that way.

“But with good will, with a lot of effort we try take these both necessities into consideration, the necessities that are fundamental from my point of view: a serious support of local communities and the oecumenical activity, in this instance – directed at Moscow Patriarchate”, – he mentioned.