Christians Are Ready To Face Social Challenges, But Are Still Only Praying For Their Solution


Day after day everybody faces the so-called social challenges but not everybosy is reday to fight them. What should be done in Belarus with orphans problem, weakening of the institution of family, devalvation of traditions? Who and how should fight these problems? The participants of the meeting called “Social responsibility of Christians: words and deeds”- lawyers, pedagogists, journalists, politicians, priests and others – tried to find the answers to these questions on the 18th of March in Minsk.

Anatol Shirvel, the editor-in-chief of KRYNICA.INFO portal told that there are three extremes in confessions’ attitude towards social responsibility. The first is the tendency of several people to turn the socially useful activity into something resembling self-advertisement and show. The other is a certain dissociation from social problems and the third one is the thought shared by many people that social responsibility can be fully delegatedto the state. But this is not right.


“The problems will not vanish by themselves. Somebody must take responsibility of their solution, in personal life and in the life of the whole society alike” – pointed Anatol Shirvel.

Social responsibility comes from God

In the opinion of one the participants, Valery Fadeew, a lawyer, the social responsibility can be fully revealed by the person who knows what responsibility is. “This is a person that knows God, because only God knows what guides everybody”, – he explained.


“If we can legally void the Law to help the fellow creatures we simply must do that. In Belarus only that is possible that is allowed. It contradicts the principles of Law and human morality.”

“For me personally the social responsibility is a responisbility for my own life, for the life of my family and my country”, – added one of the participants – Volha Kavalkova, a lawyer and public activist. According to her, all Christians should change the world according to the vision that they are given by religion.


The participant mentioned that her campaigns “In Defense of Life” and “Protect our children from alcohol” tend to change Belarusian legislation .

Paval Sevyarynets, the co-chairman of “Belarusian Christian Democracy” party also expressed his opinion on the subject. “Belarus has thousand years of history as a Christian country. The truth is that when Belarusain people believed in Christ the country was strong socially, politically and culturally. When people lost their faith thec onflicts, disorder, poverty, famine and diseases began. That is why Belarusians has a certain privilege as Christians but a great responsibility as well. It means that if you are Christian you have to carry a whole country on your shoulders”, – supposes he.


There is a long way between words and deeds

There is a long way between the shaping of the idea of social responsibility and its realization. Sometimes this idea is not realized at all. Perhaps Valery Fadeev found the way of making people to come to God and hence to social responsibility. “When Christians tell about the faith and try to lead a person to God  the important thing is what example will they show”, – said the lawyer.

Andrey Melnikaw, a musician,  is first of all concerned with the weakening of the institute of the family in Belarusian society. “This is the result of malfunctioning relations between genders, of fears that had became a part of Belarusian national character”. The musician calls for an immediate action. “The Bible says that faith without deed is dead. Exactly in the social sphere can Christians express their love and to fulfill the Commandments”, – pointed he.


According to Volha Kavalkova, religious people are also irresolute in dealing with social problems. “For exmplae, when I turn address  the church with some problem they say it is interesting but it won’t meddle in it, that it is better to pray for the changes. But in reality not only prayers are necessary but the actions as well”.

Anatol Shirvel concluded that if the priests would actively respond to the challenges of civil society many social problems would be quickly solved.


Aliaksandr Leanovich, the representative of “CLT” (Christian Labour Teams) movement, told about the difficulties of teamwork. According to him the main problem is lack of public understanding. “When you begin doing something good you notice that there are no crowds of people following you. But with the course of time the people are joining the cause, wanting to change something in their lives”, – told he.

“Thus, the meeting had shown that the most powerful resource for overcoming social problems and reaction to social challenges are ideas driven by enthusiasm. By solving the problem you can not rely only on material resources. The question is, how to steer the social activity in the hearts of great number of people, how to effectively use the institute of Church. We see today that unfortunately a person needs a personal motive to react to moral challenges”, – Anatol Shirvel.

The round-table meeting “Social responsibility of Christians: words and deeds” was organized by KRYNICA.INFO news portal and the “Community of Christian Journalists and Bloggers” public initiative.

Marya Dmitrieva, KRYNICA.INFO, photos by Mikalay Kuksachow

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