BCD Constituent Assembly Set On June, 13th


The constituent assembly of the “Belarusian Christian Democracy” party is set on the 13th of June of 2015. The decision was made at the National Rada of the organizational committee on the 21st of March.

According to bchd.info, it is planned during the assembly to elect the party’s governing body, charter its renewed program and the activity plan for the 2015’s presidential campaign.

On the same date the constituent assemblies of public associations “Belarusian Christian Democracy”, “Young Christian Democrats” and pensioner organization of Christian democrats are scheduled as well.

Also the declaration was adopted at the assembly, stating that Belarusian Christian democrats start the political prisoners liberation campaign. The liberation of all political prisoners during the current year was proclaimed on of the main BCD priorities.

“To assist their soonest liberation, in case of designation of the single candidate by democratic parties of Belarus we support the presidential campaign of Mikalay Viktaravich Statkevich with a simultaneous demand of release of the next political prisoners: Yauhen Vaskovich, Ihar Alinevich, Mikalay Dzyadok, Artyom Prakapenka and Yury Rubtsow. All political prisoners must be released! In case of them not being released and rehabilitation we do not recognize any elections as free and just and consider the “elected” authority as a n unwarranted one”, – is stated in proclamation.

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