Belarus Will Grant Humanitarian Aid To Syria And Kurdistan


According to the statement of the head of presidential administration, on 26 March The President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed the order to grant a humanitarian aid Syria and to the autonomous republic of Kurdistan.

Recently,  contacts between Belarus and the aforementioned countries become more and more frequent.

Thus, on 17 March Ihar Leshchenya, the head of African and Middle East bureau of Belarusian MFA, met with the ambassador of Iraq to Belarus Haidar Hadi, on 13 March he met with the ambassador of Syria Bassam Abdel Majeed.

On 19 February the ambassador of Belarus to Syria Aliaksandr Panamarow met the spaeake of the Syrian parliament Mohammad Jihad al-Laham and on 11-13 February the ambassador of Belarus to Turkey and Iraq Andrey Savinykh visited Basra, Iraq.

On 8-9 February during his visit to the Syrian Arabian Republic the minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Uladzimir Makey met with president Bashar al-Assad, prime minister Wael al-Halqi, foreign affairs and expatriate minister Walid Muallem, the Grand Mufti of Syria Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, the representatives of Syrian business community.