Bishop Demjanko: Everybody Has to Find a Personal Meaning of the Cross


Antony Demjanko, the Catholic bishop of Pinsk addressed the parishioners  on Good Friday with such words: “”The cross stays, the world changes” – this truth is the centre of today’s Liturgy. Worshipping the cross is the worshipping and gloryfying God for everything immutable in the world full of incinsistency and ambiguity. But without Him who gave it a new sense the cross does not have any significance”.

According to, the bishop mentioned that thanks to Jesus the cross became a symbol of a triumph of good over evil, life over death, love over hate.

The priest asked the parishioners how often do we kneel before the Christ’s cross and trust Whom Who brought to it our cares and pain. God mercifully listen to our sorrows, helps us to overcome the troubles. Demjanko asks whether we understand that the Lord gives us everything showing his unlimited love.

The bishop told the story of Karol Baloz Antonevich, the author of many Christian songs. Till 1837 he was a happy husband and father of five children. But the epidemic of cholera took place. His wife died and then the childre. Facing the tragedy Carol found the sense of hi life by becoming the singer of the Christ’s cross. He joined Jesuits and served to the common people as a missioner. Carol Baloz Antonevich lived only 45 years. The better understanding of his life can be achieved by the words of st. John Vianney: “It is so good to die when your life was spent on the cross”. And this is the main message of Good Friday – to find the meaning of the personal cross and to place it in the cross of Christ. It is a prospect of salvation to everybody, mentioned bishop Antony.

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