Easter Monday is a Workday in Belarus, What about the Neighbors?


Till the recent times Easter Monday was an official holiday in Belarus. But in 1998 President Aleksandr Lukashenko cancelled this tradition, leaving only Sunday for celebration. However, there is quite a lot of countries in the world where citizen do not work on Easter Monday.

Thus, in Europe Easter Monday is a holiday in Albania, Austria, Bulgary, Great Britain, Germany, Georgia, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Croatia, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden. Easter Monday alos a holiday in Australia, almost in all Canada, in many countries of Latin America and West India, South Africa, Lebanon and several other countries.

Speaking about Belarusian neighbors, Easter Monday and Easter itself are not official holidays only in Russia. Its celebration is also cancelled in the annexed Crimea.

In Lithuania and Poland Easter Monday and Easter according to Gregorian calender are holidays. In Ukraine Easter Monday is formally a workday but there is a rule in the country according to which a Monday is holiday if an official holiday is on Sunday. Such day in Ukraine is Easter according to Julian calender (celebrated by Orthodoxes and local Greek Catholics).

In Latvia there are even 3 holidays – Easter, Easter Monday and Good Friday. That is why the northern neighbor of Belarus has an entire vacation lasting this year from 3rd till the 6th of April.

Belarusians will have to go to work on on the 6th and the 13th of April.

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