The “Life under a heart” Second Pro-Life Journalistics Competition Started


The Community of Christian Journalists and Bloggers public initiative and Christian portal KRYNICA.INFO announce the second “Life under a heart” Pro-Life journalistics competition. The first competition took place in 2014 and its winners were Larysa Zhybryk, Katyaryna Sheveleva and Aksana Kazlova.

The applied works must be published in Belarusian media, blogs and religious sites during the period from the 1st of June of 2014 till the 25th of May of 2015. The works will be accepted till the 26th of May of 2015.

The works should be sent to the e-mail: The subject of the letter: “”Life under a heart” competition” with name and surname of author. The language of the works: Belarusian and Russian. The participation is free of charge.

A participant must be the author of the material presented from his name. Organizers of the competition retain the right to expell a work from the competition if it violates copyright law or if it does not fit the theme of the competition. A decision of exclusion of material is made by the jury.

The results of the competition can be protested by anybody. In order to do that an e-mail nust be sent to, containing the facts of competition rules violation.

Pleads expressed by any means other then a personal e-mail addressed to the organizational committee will not be taken into consideration.

Sending his/her materials the author accepts the terms of the competition and agrees that they can be used by the organizers for electronic or physical publication for the means of competition promotion without paying any royalties. The three best works will be chosen at the end of the competition the authors of which will be awarded valuble prizes. In case of great amount of works will be sent the organizational committee reserves the right to assign/ not to assign separate nominations for competition works.