Eastern Churches Congregation Prefect Congratulated Belarusian Greek Catholics


On the day of Easter Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, the Eastern Churches Congregation prefect congratulated Belarusian Greek Catholics with the 25th anniversary of liturgical life restoration of Belarusian Greek Catholic Church.

According to svjazep.org, he mentioned that 25 years passed since the moment when believers left the spiritual underground in which they were during communist era and of restoration of lituegical life and open pastoral activity  “having found a source in rich Byzantine liturgic tradition that was translated in Belarusian by industrious and tireless protopriest Alexander Nadson”.

The prefect assured the believers that a prayer support will be given and wished that the holy Easter will shine over the Church and will give the strength “necessary to keep up with the new dynamics of witnessing and the joy of Gospel to bring to everyone and even to those who did not know it before or digressed from it”.

“Heaven bless you and I greet you with words full of joy: Christ is risen! – Truly, he is risen!”, – concluded his greetings Cardinal Leonardo Sandri.