Pick an Hour to Pray for the Motherland: the Continuous Prayer for Belarus Starts on the 12th of April


On the 12th of April starts an uninterrupted prayer for Belarus. The Christians of diggerent denominations unite to improve the situation in the country with a prayer.

The campaign is called “Pick an hour to pray for the Motherland”. The point is to organized an interrupted prayer for Belarus for the whole week. To achieve this goal it was necessary to gather 168 people everyone of whom would pray for an hour.

According to one of the organizers Volha Sevyarynets, all prayer hours are occupied but everybody willing to participate can join the campaign members.

The idea of an uninterrupted prayer visited minds of many but it was voiced by Yulia Fralova, a Catholic, the idea being supported by Alyaksey Shein, a Protestant and Paval Sevyarynets, an Orthodox. Thus an organizing group emerged deciding to broaden the prayer for Belarus which exists from 2006 and is read in the afternoon. In Minsk the place for it is at the Red Church and many other cities have their own places of that sort. Besides, the usual liturgies are held at different churches.

Volha Sevyarynets is sure that people will pray. “The believers have a very responsible attitude towards the campaign – it is responsibility before God, oneself and the Motherland. Many weigh their possibilities up  and several change their minds – they tell they will not be able to pray diligently for an hour. Those who stayed will definitely pray”, – says she.

The necessity of such prayer she explains in such way: “One must pray for God saving our country. The prayer is the thing we can and must do”.

The initiative group proposes such subjects for the prayer:

For the unity, because it is a joint responsibility of not indifferent Christians before God and future generations;

For the Revival – social, spiritual, national and economical;

For peace in Belarus, for families, for unborn children and abolition of abortions;

For the people and for the respect towards the Belarusian language;

For Belarusians being free of alcoholism, drugs and gambling addiction;

For the nationwide repentance for the sins of communism, indifference and theft;

For Belarusians overcoming the wroldly fear and acquiring the fear for God;

For the churches;

For youth and children, for adoption of orphans, for the recovery of the ill ones;

For independence and integrity of Belarus;

For Christian principles becoming the principles of Belarusian society;

For the integrity, love and fidelity of families;

For the concord between the Christians of Belarus;

For the ceasing of suicides;

For the repentance of all nation.

Of course, everybody can pray for the solution of a problem that one supposes to be the most urgent.